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Area of application:

  • Process control of vacuum systems involving low pressure plasma

Low pressure vacuum meter for pressure range of 10-² to 10 mbar


  • Ascertainable pressure range
    from 10-² to 10 mbar
    Absolute tolerance more than 5 %
  • Analogue output 0 to 10 volts
    according to the three measurable
    pressure decimal units gauged
    (0.01 mbar = 0V; 0.1 mbar = 3.3V;
    1 mbar = 6,6V; 10 mbar =10V)
  • Switching output for process clearance
    (min/max pressure) chargeable
    up to 230V AC/1A.
    Default parameters by an internal
    setting regulator or by SW is possible
  • Controller for stand-alone operation and
    operation initiated in the process
    control are possible
  • Interface: LAN (RJ45) and USB 2.0 and
    others usable for SW updates. RS485 is
    only available for "embedded mode"
    in process control
  • Due to the electromechanical construction
    of the sensor head (0.1 mm wire
    from a platinum alloy), it is very robust
    against chemical and high frequency influence
  • Correction of pressure characteristics
    for various gases by a DIP switch or
    SW is possible (still in development)
  • Supply voltage: 88-264 VAC/47 - 63 Hz
    or for "embedded mode" 15-24 V DC
  • Power input approx. 5 W
  • Power plug: IEC
  • Weight: approx. 1.5 kg, sensor
    head approx. 400 g
  • Size: 19 inch drawer; 3 HE 


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