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Our software is designed for the special requirements of plasma technology.

  • easy to use
  • visualization of the systems on screen
  • automatic control of all relevant parameters
  • monitoring of all relevant parameters
  • data logging of all relevant parameters
  • batch- and user- documentation
Software control - main menu for PC-controlled systems
  Software control - main menu for PC-controlled systems

Functions of the PC control:

  • The control is based on personal computer with an industrial field bus
  • PC, monitor an keyboard are build in the switch cabinet
  • Galvanic isolation of all input and output channels for safety reasons
  • Software runs with Windows

  • Two modi:
    - Manual operation
    - Automatic operation

  • Parameters:
    Process start pressure
    Max. evaluation time
    Gas mass flow ( ratios )
    Pressure stabilisation time
    Flushing time
    Ventilation time
    Devitation limits for:
    - Pressure
    - Mass-flow
    - HF-power
    - Temperature

  • 100 automatic programs can be stored
  • Digital pressuer regulation with PID-regulator
  • Graphic display of process parameters
  • Process data can be stored as an Excel-file
  • Protocol-diagram can be printed (with every printer)
  • Netcard can be installed (no need)
  • Signal lamp for precess end
  • Network card
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