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The system consists of three main units:


1. Supply unit:

  • Electric mains connection
  • Process and cooling gas connections
  • High voltage generator
  • Plasma current control block
  • Gas control block
  • Front panel with operation controls

2. Gas and power conductors in a flexible tube.

3. Plasma unit: The central electrode, outer electrode and insulator form a discharge zone.

  • The high voltage generator converts the main voltage into the high voltage
    (up to 10 kV) which is necessary for the formation of the electrical discharge.
  • The high voltage and the process/cooling gases are supplied in the discharge zone by the flexible conductor.
  • The airflow carries the active species (i+, e-, r *) produced in the electrical arc from the discharge zone.
  • The special nozzle form focuses the stream of the active gas onto the surface of the sample part to be treated.
PlasmaBeam: construction and function principle
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