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  The plasma system PICO UHP with 4 litres chamber volume and semi-automatic control is mainly used for:
  • small scale production
  • analysis (SEM, TEM)
  • medical technology
  • research and development
  • semi conductor technology
  • plastic technology
The plasma system Pico UHP doesn't have a stainless steel chamber; thus, it is suitable for applications in which vestiges of chrome, nickel and iron are inconveniant.

Technical Data:

switchgear cabinet:
W 550 mm, H 330 mm, D 500 mm
Ø 130 mm, L 300 mm
chamber opening Ø: 125 mm
materials: quartz or borosilicate glass
front-and backside of the chamber: aluminium
chamber volume:
approx. 4 litres
gas supply:
two gas channels through needle valve
40kHz/100 W, infinitely variable
(optional: 13.56 MHz or 2.45 GHz)
vacuum pump:
Leybold, Type Trivac D2.5B (2.5 m³/h)
1 pc. tray
semi-automatic, process time by timer

options / accessories

PICO UHP: It is also possible to use this system for cleaning of optical parts.

PICO UHP: It is also possible to use this system for cleaning of optical parts.

 Plasma in PICO UHP

Plasma in PICO UHP.

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